Joint ventures

A joint venture can be an excellent opportunity to enhance the overall performance of your business. Whether buying, selling, or just getting started, this teamwork strategy is advantageous for several reasons, as it has the ability to combine complementary strengths for the greater good of a real estate business. At Jeremy Infrastructure we strategize joint ventures through:

  •  Cost Sharing
  •  Risk Sharing
  •  Talent Sharing


We take up exclusive contracts for developing office buildings, commercial spaces, retail spaces, industrial and manufacturing, distribution centres, transportation including highways, railways stations, airports; social infrastructure such as parks, gardens, software parks, technology parks and amusement parks; utilities such as bridges, dams, pipelines and build-to-suits.


We develop intelligent BIM models to help contractors and construction companies across the stages of bidding, tender approvals, design development, and all the way to construction management for grandiose projects.

Development Projects

We have enriched our infrastructure project development capability by leveraging intellectual capital and expertise built over two decades of presence in the sector. We play a significant role in partnering and encouraging emerging nations to participate in various infrastructure development initiatives in Roads, Airport , Railways in the PPP space.